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    Re: Suck comes in threes

    Yeah the refs make mistakes every year; this group has guys that have been officiating for 20 and 30+ years albiet at a lower level. They'll learn the different rules and I don' think they'll do much worse than the normal refs. (who by the way will probably miraculously make a deal shortly)
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    Re: Suck comes in threes

    Any official is better than Mike "Malice in his heart" Carey. Any time that pos steps on the field I cross my fingers in hope that some 300 pound lineman stuffs his face through the turf.

    That said, there is going to be a lot of bad calls this year. The new officials are coming from D-III which is a huge step down athletically. They're basically going from high school to the NFL.
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    Re: Suck comes in threes

    I feel that the replacement refs will get better as the season goes on. These guys aren't dummies and I'm sure that they are doing film study and talking amongst themselves on how to get better at this.

    I also feel that they are looking at this as possible auditions if an opportunity arises to make this permanent call up for a few of them.

    Those regular refs missed preseason which is their tuneup games and if they return this year, it will be like replacement refs 2.0.


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