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    Ryan deivers lethal blow to OBY at great convention

    That's what they were saying about Ryan's speech last night. Things started out easy on the Prez with Christie not even mentioning his name the first night. Twenty mins into the speech he said Mr. President, you insulted every citizen that built a business or wanted to.

    Actually, Christie's keynote speech was like OBYs at the Kerry convention. He talked a lot about himself. Translated: If Mitt loses Christie will be the next candidate like OBY was
    after his speech. He'll have to deal with Ryan though. Both are young stars of the GOP.

    Ann Romney gave the best speech until Ryan's. She finally talked about what Mitt was like which allowed the country to see him personally for the first time. Twitter polls bumped her up by 34 points.

    Back to Ryan's speech every analyst including FOX's liberal whom I like, Juan Williams, said it
    was a devastating speech vs the prez.

    The GOP paraded a lot of minorites out on the stage. Candy Rice gave a great speech too.
    She grew up in Alabama where her parents weren't allowed to take her to a restaurant but they preached this was still the greatest country where she could become president one day.
    Well, that little girl grew up to be Secretary of State.

    She also criticized OBY for not having any trade agreements while China is getting more powerful with 15 agreements in last 4 years. Bush had the last trade agreements with 3.

    Guv Martinez, the hispanic Guv of New Mexico, was great too. She grew up in a border town where her dad was the deputy sheriff and her mom was an office worker. They lived from pay day to pay day until her dad started his own security company. Her mom ran the company as the secretary, her dad got the work and she became a guard watching over the Sat night bingo game in town.

    And yes, she wore a Smith and Wesson hand gun which weighed more than me. The place went nuts. Then she became a prosecutor but had to testify vs her boss. then she was fired
    and ran vs for district atty. She was approached by 2 GOPs who convinced her to join and she beat her old boss by a landslide.

    She also said, Mr. President, don't tell my parents that they didn't start their business. It
    had over 125 employees when she left to go to law school.

    Two more good jokes. A guy from Florida who played basketball in college said I'm always asked if I played the president in basketball and I say no only because he never invited me but if he did I can beat him on 1 and 1.

    He always moves to his left.

    Finally Ryan said Mitt and I have our differences. You should see his iPod. He listens to
    elevator musice. My play list begins with AC/DC and ends with Led Zeplin and the place
    went nuts.

    Even the analysts commented on the great humor in most of the speeches.
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