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    Dirty Harry himself to speak at convention @ 10

    The big buzz at the convention is that
    Clint Eastwood will sepak there tonight
    around 10 pm.

    He's a GOP and big on guns.

    Ok, make my day.

    Rush explains Ryan's speech. He was
    just explaining conservatism.

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    Re: Dirty Harry himself to speak at convention @ 10

    I am curious as to what Eastwood is going to say. Very curious.
    We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. - Benjamin Franklin

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    Re: Dirty Harry himself to speak at convention @ 10

    NC - It looks like Clint stole the convention from Mitt. He was hilarious. In typical Hollywood fashion he put an empty chair next to him and pretended OBY was sitting there so as you can see from the pic he's talking to an empty chair.

    The place went nuts when Clinton said, what? I can't tell him to do that. Besides, it's physically impossible for him to do that to himself.

    Later on he said, no, I cant physically do that to myself either and the place went nuts.

    He said so you set a big date to bring the troops home from Afghanistan. So why don't you just bring them home tomorrow.

    Maybe you should check with the Russians to see how they did it and the place exploded again.

    Clint said, I never liked the idea of lawyers being in the white house anyway and everyone laughed.

    It's time for a businessman man to take over.

    Then someone yelled, MAKE MY DAY.

    Clinto said I don't talk like that any more.

    Ok he said, you want me to make your day. I'll start it and everyone say
    and they all yelled MAKE MY DAY as he walked off the stage.

    The place went nuts.

    The guy on Fox and Friends thought the whole thing was a little embarassing for a political convention.

    Screw him. It made for the greatest convention ever with plenty of humor and entertainment.


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