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    Re: Regular season NFL games overseas in 2007?

    Us Brits certainly need to be trained in how to tailgate.With that kind of atmosphere going,it certainly would make even more of a day of it.
    And would get families returning year after year.
    IF it happens,it happens,and I will be there,no matter what team is playing.
    I'm sure all the neutrals would pick sides anyways.

    I think it is important to make some noise for the TV viewers.Just so we can show the world that we know what is going on.

    Your right Stockers the new NFL youth policy seems to be working.If only they went that way in the 80's.I may have gone further with my American Football playing.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Regular season NFL games overseas in 2007?

    NEW ORLEANS Two NFL regular-season games will be played each year outside the United States in Mexico, Canada and Europe, starting in 2007.
    The plan, first announced last month, was approved Tuesday at the recommendation of new commissioner Roger Goodell.
    No specific sites were given for the games. But when the proposal originally was disclosed, the league suggested that Britain and Germany likely would host the European games.
    The plan would be set up so that teams would rotate over a 16-year period, with each team playing outside the country twice over that span, once as a visitor, the other as a home team. That means a team would lose one home game during that span.
    Losing the home-game revenue was the main objection raised by some teams.
    "We're going to get compensated," said Pat Bowlen, owner of the Denver Broncos. "Obviously the league's going to work out the economics and if we lose a home game, we'll get compensated.
    "We're comfortable with it. Obviously we'd like to play in Mexico or Canada and not have to travel to Europe and that's probably the way it would be set up because of our location. But as far as the league's concerned, I think it's a great idea."
    In 2005, the NFL staged its first regular-season game outside the United States when the Arizona Cardinals hosted the San Francisco 49ers in Mexico City. A crowd of 103,467 flocked to Azteca Stadium, the largest crowd for a regular-season game in NFL history.
    The league also has played numerous exhibition games overseas for the past two decades. The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks will play a preseason game next August in Beijing.
    "This step comes in response to the tremendous and growing interest in the NFL around the world. The owners believe that hosting regular-season games outside the United States on a regular basis is in the best interests of the league and will help to increase the fan base, build awareness of the NFL and grow the sport worldwide," Goodell said.
    Mark Waller, senior vice president of NFL International, said last month the league believes fans in a number of countries are now ready for the real thing. NFL games regularly have been televised live in Mexico and Canada and more recently in Europe, notably Britain.
    "The preseason games and American Bowl games have worked well to introduce fans to the game," Waller said. "Once fans have gotten to know it and understand it, they are very aware that the regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl are the real thing."

    It's been approved and it'd appear it's all go.

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    Re: Regular season NFL games overseas in 2007?

    Absolutely ridiculous that any team would be considered the "HOME" team at a neutral site. There is no way to tell how the fans will react to specific teams arriving and playing in the foreign stadiums. I know this is more of the same complaints but for the fans of the specific teams to lose out on a chance to root their teams on is horrible. Another fact is that teams normally win the 6-8 of there home games to have a legit shot at the playoffs. Teams are most like going to split on the road giving them a 10-12 win season. By even taking one of those home games away you potentially set up the chance that the "Home" team loses one extra game and finshes 9-7 which we all know rarely makes the playoffs....especially in the AFC.

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    Re: Regular season NFL games overseas in 2007?

    The latest developments on this topic can be found here

    NEW YORK (AP) -- San Francisco, Seattle and Miami were among six NFL teams selected as potential home teams for a regular-season game next year in Britain or Germany.

    The other teams that could "host" the game are Buffalo, Kansas City and New Orleans. The league also narrowed the sites for the game Monday, eliminating Canada and Mexico for this year.
    The good news?
    The Ravens are not scheduled as the home team for a game abroad.

    The bad news?
    The Ravens are scheduled to play away games against Buffalo, Miami, San Francisco and Seattle in 2007, all potentially games abroad in Europe.

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    Re: Regular season NFL games overseas in 2007?

    Looks like Dolphins Giants in London according to ESPN.
    Admin Steve :uk:
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    Re: Regular season NFL games overseas in 2007?

    Yeah that seems to be the hottest rumour. Nothing official till Tuesday though. The UKRavens hope to be there in force no matter who it is


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