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    OBY hammered by liberal media

    They never did this to Clinton and even praised him Thursday night. In
    fact, ABC said OBY is not a Bill Clinton democrat. LOL

    Even his own biased media types like Thomasky slammed OBYs speech.
    Even Carville, the brains behind Clinton said it wasn't the best speech at
    the convention.

    Others said it was Gigantic flop. Empty. Dull. Terrible. Out of touch.

    That was his side talking and Thomasky is one of Mitt's
    biggest critics.

    All the networks' ratings for the final night of the DNC fell.

    Elsewhere, the good or not so good news came from the jobs report. Unemployment fell to 8.1% down from 8.3%.

    But even the WH knew it was because thousands stopped looking for work and aren't factored in the report so 0x0=0.

    The WH said don't read much into it. They know the grim jobs report will
    haunt them the rest of the campaign.

    It has just been a bad couple of weeks for the hamster.
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    Re: OBY hammered by liberal media

    To put it in football terms, this guy is choking faster than
    Billy Cundiff.

    This guy says he's close to Carter country. OBY might have blown the
    election last night.

    This is about the nicest review I found - "a fine speech that didn't close the
    deal." Of course it came from the TIMES. :)
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