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    Americanmade2012 Guest

    Re: Cundiff signs with Redskins

    I wish Billy Luck and then hope he chokes in the SB with the Skins against our Baltimore Ravens

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    Re: Cundiff signs with Redskins

    Quote Originally Posted by Americanmade2012 View Post
    I wish Billy Luck and then hope he chokes in the SB with the Skins against our Baltimore Ravens
    Closest Billy and the 'skins get to the superbowl will be ticketmaster....

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    Re: Cundiff signs with Redskins

    At least now Billy won't be missing kicks in the playoff.

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    Re: Cundiff signs with Redskins

    Was a shock to me, not that Billy wouldn't be signed elsewhere, I fully expected that and indicated here by talking about "mercy cuts"

    The shock to me was that the kicker who won the camp competition was cut and the job handed over without any competition or "fake" competition. And happening within days....
    Harbs spoke his coach-speak and praised Billy all the way out the door. Just class act by the whole Raven organization. Adds to the Raven reputation with veterans who have decisions to make to come here or elsewhere. The Leonhards, the Reddings.... we don't have to overpay to get people interested, and Billy's exit helps.... good luck to him, and gotta like how the FO handled it.
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    Re: Cundiff signs with Redskins

    I think the Ravens were fortunate - Billy, though admittedly having the stigma of the missed kick, was certainly not the worst choice for a kicker by far and would have been quite serviceable this year had he been our choice. However, for whatever reason, the desire for a competition to motivate/scare Billy or whatever, it looks like the Ravens may have just pulled another really good player out of the Hat of Mysteries Ozzie seems to keep in his office, and they have a likely better choice.

    It's a good problem the Ravens had here - on the one hand a good kicker who would have likely done well, and on the other a guy who may very well be much better, we just don't know yet. A problem of wealth is a good problem to have.


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