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    Ravens Replay on NFL Network

    Tuned in to watch a replay of the Ravens-Jaguars game at 8:00pm on NFL Network and found the Redskins and Colts on the channel. The Menu clearly says Jaguars-Ravens. What gives???
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    Re: Ravens Replay on NFL Network

    I was wondering the same thing. I thought that you had made a mistake.
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    Re: Ravens Replay on NFL Network

    Even though its preseason, the NFLN wanted to play up RGIII/Luck more than a blow out versus the Jags.

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    Re: Ravens Replay on NFL Network

    Possibly a last minute change to promote Luck and RG3.
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    Re: Ravens Replay on NFL Network

    Nobody wants to see Flacco have a good game over on the NFLN.

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    Re: Ravens Replay on NFL Network

    My guide on FIOS said the 8pm game was the Colts-Slurs game as far back as Saturday morning.

    It sounds like the service provider didn't have the right guide info.


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