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    Re: FoxSports Most Overrated

    About time the hype around Ryan to die down. Flacco has had to earn what little respect he's gotten. Now Ryan has to climb that same mountain.

    Funny if Joe's and Matt's careers were reversed, Matt would already be in the HOF.

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    Re: FoxSports Most Overrated

    Matt Ryan is overrated, I'm not sure about #2 though, seems a little bit too high. Troy should be no where near #1 though, sure at this point he may be a tad overrated, but he can still change the outcome of a game, and still comes up and makes some big hits in run support.

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    Maybe Troy at #1 was too high but the author is correct about the main point in his analysis -- 2011 was a pedestrian season at best for him.

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    Re: FoxSports Most Overrated

    Troy who cares?

    Matt Ryan I disagree, sure some people give him to much credit, others now most overrated, which is it? Most overrated.. One of those Stafford, Eli, Cam, Romo, Tebow, Dalton, Vick, Rivers.

    Great RBs is not really helping a QB fantasy stock, sound familiar. And to be fair Mike Smith = John Harbaugh, same approach play safe, no reason to put up QB-fantasy numbers.

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    Re: FoxSports Most Overrated

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremiah W View Post
    I never thought Matty Ice was better than Flacco, but he is a top 8-12 Qb depending on how you stack them and is hardly a scrub or anything.
    Definitely agree with this.
    Disclaimer: The content posted is of my own opinion.

    RIP #25

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    Re: FoxSports Most Overrated

    Theres a lot of Steelers players I will praise endlessly, but I have never thought Troy warrants the love he gets. For a safety to be a liability in coverage (and that isnt a recent issue with him...teams have been throwing in his direction without fear for years) more than negates the good plays that does make up at the LOS.

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    Re: FoxSports Most Overrated

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    Maybe Troy at #1 was too high but the author is correct about the main point in his analysis -- 2011 was a pedestrian season at best for him.
    As was his rookie year in 2003, and also 2006, 2007 and 2009.

    Amazing how such an inconsistent, injury prone player can get the accolades he is showered with.

    Great spurts. But nowhere near the consistency of the truly great ones.

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    Re: FoxSports Most Overrated

    Of QB's, Ryan certainly belongs on this list, but maybe not this year. The media isn't nearly as high on him despite him putting up 28 td's last season. His dreadful performances in playoff games have finally come home to roost.

    Other QB's that fit the bill:

    Mike Vick - no way is this guy a top 10 QB, yet he seems to be on most of those lists.
    Tony Romo - puts up big numbers, but continues to make mistakes at the worst times.
    Matthew Stafford - the guy just isn't very accurate. Without Megatron constantly bailing him out, he'd be in the middle of the pack.
    Cam Newton - he really tailed off after a hot start. Let's give the guy some time before annointing him "elite".

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    Re: FoxSports Most Overrated

    Yes, Polamalu had an off year and I think he was banged up from the start.
    So he played most of the season that way.

    Anyway, I have always thought he and Ed were THE two best safeties in the league since they came into the league.
    These two guys make game changing plays and you have to know where they are IF you want to win.
    He has never been, in my opinion, overrated.
    If Ed and Troy played together in the same secondary, it would have been something spectacular to see.

    No skill player is great when they are dinged up, not with the speed of the game now.
    Both the Ravens and Steelers will be in the thick of things as long as both of those guys are relatively healthy.

    And as far as Matt Ryan, he is a very good quarterback, but I agree with most, he has not been as good as Flacco in my opinion. He has had a team built around him with great skill players. I believe this will be his best year though, given the weapons he has right now and he will win his first playoff game this year barring injuries.

    Cam Newton, in my opinion will just get better. He is not elite yet, but he has crazy physical skills and measuribles and they ARE translating onto the field. As a rookie, 4000 yards passing, 700 rushing, total 35 TDs.
    That's crazy.

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    Re: FoxSports Most Overrated

    I'd have put RG3 #1. Just a hunch.


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