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    Re: Is C. Williams equal to V. Davis

    It is easy for people to forget that last year was Cary Williams' first year as a starter. He still has plenty of room to grow as a CB, and actually has his head on straight to do it. Fans seem to have seen him struggling to knock off the rust, following his injury and surgery, declaring that he'll be exposed this year. With a lesser quality pass rush, that might be the case, to a degree.

    However, we've seen this very situation play out here in Baltimore. Dannell Ellerbe is certainly a more 'talented' Inside Linebacker than Jameel McClain. However, McClain actually had his head on straight and worked hard. Now, Ellerbe doesn't stand a chance of matching McClain's production.

    On one hand, I could see the new scenery as something that could motivate Davis, but they also won't be winning a lot of games anytime soon.
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    Re: Is C. Williams equal to V. Davis

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    Good trade for both parties.

    Davis is stupid talented and if anyone can get him to focus on and off the field it is Chuck Pagano.
    Agreed. This move has Pagano written all over it. Good to see there changing the culture up in Indy.


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