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    Almost certain this is a fake injury. Streeters TD was one of the last offensive plays of the game and I'm pretty sure the players got the day off Friday
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    Re: Tommy Streeter not on the field...MRI

    Quote Originally Posted by TheJoeFlaccoShow View Post
    That is erroneous information. Even if a coach had a Twitter they don't have time to tweet. Hell they don't have time to sleep.o

    Either way there is zero chance we would ever carry 7 receivers. A lot of time 5 and 6 aren't active much less 7 on gameday.

    Which is why Streeter got hurt all of the sudden.

    1a. Boldin
    1b. Torrey
    3a. Jones
    3b. Laquan
    5. Doss
    6. Thompson.
    I know you have doss at 5 and that's fair enough. But if boldin is out he will replace him playing the slot with Torrey and jones outside IMO. But on a normal day doss won't see the field much

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    Re: Tommy Streeter not on the field...MRI

    I'm such a huge fan of Doss, I honestly think he will see a lot more action than we think, he is so talented as a pass catcher, and is a perfect fit in the slot. I know that Boldin is the guy keeping him out, because Doss is essentially a smaller and lighter version of Boldin. But I do think they will figure out a way to get him onto the field more, it just gives Flacco that extra reliable guy on 3rd downs. Having Pitta, Boldin, and Doss on the field at the same time, you cannot go wrong, it would almost certainly be a first down if it's like 3rd and 6.

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    Re: Tommy Streeter not on the field...MRI

    Quote Originally Posted by Bazooka Joe View Post
    Streeter: Let's see IR and rookie minimum or P.S. money. Harbaugh you're right. My foot feels swollen.

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    Re: Tommy Streeter not on the field...MRI

    Quote Originally Posted by iggyman555 View Post
    whats his twitter handle?
    Meant that I read it on twitter. Harbaugh stated on Baltimore that "we could go with 5-7 WRs."

    But I still predict Streeter to IR.


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