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Yeah, but it's even worse for him in those states. He hasn't lead in ANY recent polls in either states and it's not even close. Best poll he got is a tie in one PA poll where everyone else has Obama up by 2-8 points. Best case scenario for Romney winning is he somehow wins FL, VA, OH, and Colorado. I think NC is obviously going Romney so those 4 states should do it but he has about the same odds of flipping a coin 4 times in a row and getting heads on all of them. His campaign has sooooooo much money which is why he's doing a hail mary and throwing a bunch of $ into PA and WI and hoping for the best.
I'm not as doom and gloom as you seem to be.

He has a great chance at winning FL and VA. Outside of those two, it's a toss up and toss ups tend to go to the incumbent.

Mitt's comments about the auto bail out cost him dearly in OH. I think that's why we are seeing the deluge of money into PA and WI to compensate for the math problem from losing OH.

And I don't buy that leaked story about Mitt's internals for one second. A random GOP pollster is not going to have access to a candidates internal polling, let alone leak them. Those polls are guarded better than the President himself.