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    Re: RCP Electoral Map Thread

    Romney is still ahead in Penn by +3 and has outspent OBY
    by $11M so he's going back in for the kill. TV just said OBY
    hasn't even been on the air in PA figuring it was automatic for him.

    Dick just said that Mitt will win Penn and election will be determined before the Ohio votes are counted. Mitt leads in Col and Va and he will get New Hampshire and Fla where a GOP ad links Castro with Chavez and OBY. Chavez of course said he'd vote for OBY because he is his friend.

    Thats not cool with Cuban Americans.

    As I posted above, Mitt is already leading in the early voting
    in Ohio but Mitt won't need it with Fla and Penn and then
    the other states he's currently leading in.

    Dick said OBY made a colossal mistake thinking he had a firewell
    in PA since it hasn't voted GOP since 1988, but Mitt jumped
    over that wall.

    The Times poll surveyed 38% DEMs and only 29% GOPs so it's
    bogus. It's not a valid sample.

    Dick can't wait to go back on O'Rawley and say I told you so.

    BTW, one station said race is close because of the billions
    spent by the Super Pacs.
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