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    Re: OBY: They're coming on strong

    Quote Originally Posted by AirFlacco View Post
    Not like this. This is the sleaziest and dirtiest campaign in my life time. Tricky Dick wasn't this bad and he got Musky crying on the steps when a GOP newspaper exposed his wife's alcohol abuse and treatment in a mental hospital.

    Mitt has been accused of murder, cheating on taxes where he just proved he didn't, and not caring for cancer victims amongst other things like animal abuse - nothing to do with the issues like the lousy economy OBY made worse.

    OBY has to do this to keep Mitt from talking about jobs and the economy. He has no record to run on or discuss and thus this campaign.

    Europeans just don't understand American politics.
    It's the super PAC ads that are so sleazy and neither candidate (or party for that matter) is allowed to even communicate with them. They'll both get blamed for the dirty tactics but the pacs are doing the jobs for them... it's pretty pathetic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    Are you going to hang out for a little of Oktoberfest? I've always wanted to go to Germany for that.
    No. Mrs HR lived here for years and from what she tells me, it's been overrun by tourists, particularly Japanese and Russian tourists, and it's not what it once was.

    We are doing more of a Anthony Bourdain type trip -- do what the locals do, eat what the locals eat, etc. Today though is all about WW2 and cold war history in Berlin.
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