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    Late Rounders Documentary

    Not sure if anybody has seen it before, its on Netflix Streaming. Follows the 2010 draft and some fringe players. Notables are Corey Peters and John Connor. Just found it interesting seeing the other side of the draft room. Hearing that the Ravens were interested in John Connor "The Ravens said they want to get younger at FB" before the Jets drafted him, without any contact with him. we were also interested in a player well see tonight, Aaron Morgan, who was a hybrid that got injured during the process but athletically gifted. The Documentary seems to follow his story the most closely, as his agents pretty much pumped him as the best player they had. I believe the 5th round was going on when the Ravens were already calling about UDFAs, which i have heard reports that they start targeting them weeks ahead just to be first in contact with them. Thought it was interesting and worth a share.

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    Re: Late Rounders Documentary

    On Netflix? I'll watch that tonight. Is that in the sports section of Netflix with the feel good movies or actual documentaries? Netflix has a ridiculous amount of labels they use to split things up.

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    Re: Late Rounders Documentary

    I know that we where interested in John Connor, the dudes a beast, and has proven to be a good pick for the Jets. He is probably only behind Vonta Leach as a lead blocker right now, and whenever Leach moves on, I think John "Terminator" Connor will become that next best lead blocker in the NFL.

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    Re: Late Rounders Documentary

    Is it Two Days in April?

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    Re: Late Rounders Documentary

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivalice View Post
    Is it Two Days in April?
    I think I found it on Netflix instant........looks like it's called Late Rounders


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