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    Re: Ravens front 7 will be challenged in 2012

    The article seems to focus more on backups than the guys who are on the field most of the time. Seems overly pessimistic.

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    Re: Ravens front 7 will be challenged in 2012

    Article brings up some good points, but seems a little over the top pessmistic to me as pointed out above. Brandon McKinniy was not a factor on this defense, and if anything we upgraded the Dline this year with the depth we added. I'd take Kemo over McKinny any day, McKinny was a non factor on this defense, he had like 5 tackles last year in total. Ngata is Ngata, he is still there, and we lost Redding who was getting old anyway, he gave us two solid seasons, but with all the respect in the world to him, I think McPhee was going to take his place anyway. McPhee had 6 sacks last year in a limited role, that's more than Redding had as a starter. Redding is a run stuffer, and with the types of teams on our schedule this year, pass rush is going to more important than stopping the run.

    The LB issue is a big one, it cannot be denied. You simply cannot replace a player like Suggs (unless you go out and sign a Mario Williams and go bankrupt later on down the line). However, I keep saying this about JJ, he was a great player for us, a great edge setter and a run defender. However he simply was not offering any pass rush at all in his last few years as a Raven. Kruger is an instant upgrade over JJ as a pass rusher, which like I said, is more important when you are playing the NFC East. Our pass rush is still not going to be the same without Suggs IMO. The JJ and Redding loss is a bit over played though, they are both getting older, and the youth movement had to continue IMO.

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    Re: Ravens front 7 will be challenged in 2012

    The Ravens have been getting away with it, but this team needs to invest some early picks on LB's soon.


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