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    Re: The Maurice Jones- Drew situation

    I don't see this ending any way other than MJD reporting to camp with his tail between his legs; just a matter of when.

    Daily 30K fines are going to add up quickly and he's already missed 3 weeks.

    There aren't many teams lining up to trade for a disgruntled RB who wants a big payday
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    Re: The Maurice Jones- Drew situation

    Quote Originally Posted by The Excellector View Post
    The idea that Jones-Drew played at such a high level, that he deserved such a high contract, should not negate the reality that he is currently outplaying the parameters of the remaining portion of the contract.

    The idea that Jones-Drew is an RB, which is considered a devalued position, should not negate the reality that they are going to once again pound Jones-Drew into the ground, making him a substantial portion of their offense.

    The idea that Jones-Drew used his one possible move for leverage, should not negate the reality that the Owner made the negotiations public with some remarks that we would never hear come from an owner such as the one we enjoy.

    Beau Petard,

    my comment was in response to another poster. I understand where you are coming from. I take the stance if we are going to play this game, play this game, but don't say that it's okay for the owners to play it while the player has to honor his contract. Jones-Drew probably won't get a raise for outplaying his contract (In my opinion) and will find himself cut the minute he starts underplaying it or gets hurt.
    (This directed toward the poster that I was originally responding to)

    I actually believe that this will have a large impact in the locker room. Team chemistry is easy for us to under-appreciate, because the Ravens have so much of it. That is not the case in Jacksonville and there are plenty of players who look to Jones-Drew, who has always been a respected figure around the league and model citizen. The negotiations are one thing, but to say that his absence won't 'move the needle' or 'move the meter', sends a message to the team of how they view their best player and long-time leader. I believe that will affect chemistry in the locker room and that translates to the field.
    Tha Jags 1 win team without MJD and a 3 win team with him. It really doesn't matter how effects the locker room because most of those players won't be there next year.
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