I find the discussion interesting AND Ravens related, thinking back to situations like Jamal Lewis before he went to Cleve, or when Priest Holmes "jumped ship" to KC.

But I have to disagree with "Then the same should go for the front office. So, no players should be getting cut. If they overplay their contract and should still honor it, a front office should also honor that contract when they are considering getting rid of an aging player or a player on the decline."

The contract game (if you will) is not played that way, and ALL of the players (pun intended) know it - draftees, veterans, walk-ons, agents, team owners, general managers, coaches, etc., etc. That's why there is guaranteed money and bonuses. Not that I see anyone on a higher moral ground in that picture, but players get up-front money that is a risk to the team(s) if the player doesn't pan out, while teams try to manage their CAP and use the cutting of "expensive" contract players later in their tenure as well as the "Watch my hands closely as they never leave my arms!" accounting techniques. When it comes down to the bottom line, they all want as much as they can squeeze out of "the other side", and screw the cost to the fans.

Not that I feel strongly about this, you understand...