I understand that this topic may very well find it's way to the 'Non-Ravens' portion of the board, but I feel that this topic makes for a very intriguing debate.

It seems that we have an older RB, who has defied the numbers and is still leading the league in rushing, but who also sees the new trend of the league. Even with that in mind, given the recent deals to well known RBs, what Jones-Drew is being paid to lead the league in rushing on a team destined to go nowhere, is a significant discount.

Jones Drew wants his last major payday and that is understandable. He isn't the first and he won't be the last. However, not only has Jacksonville taken a hard stance, but a disrespectful one. Particularly, with comments made by their new owner Mr. Khan.

There was even a report that Jones-Drew was nearing arrival to camp, when he heard those comments from Khan and changed his mind.

On one hand, Jones-Drew is the leader of that team. However, Michael Irvin made a good point in that this could send a bad message to the younger players on the team. In essence, if this is the way that you talk about him and treat him, what are you going to do to me when my time comes up?

Now, I know that we have some guys who simply take exception to players arguing over millions of dollars. However, what I think we need to accept is that they are arguing over their worth and, based on the money they bring in for the league, they are pretty close to it. We also speak as if the owners would simply take that excess money and do something more constructive with it when, deep down, we all know that not to be true. They happen to be in good spots for a lucrative business. We aren't. That doesn't mean they should automatically take what we'd take, because of our own desperation.

We all know what that team is going to ask Jones Drew to do. They are going to ask him to carry the ball thirty times a game and run him into the ground. We know it, the team knows it and Jones Drew knows it. What he is essentially saying, I think, is that you can't tell me that my position is devalued one day, but ask me to be such a high percentage of the offense at the same time. You can't have it both ways.

Personally, I think the element of being on a losing team has come into play here as well.

What do you guys think about the overall situation?