A friend of mine is in a band and they're about to hit it huge. They were touring in Georgia last week and were at this small venue. They're a Christian rock band so there were families there.

After the show, this little girl comes up to my friend and the lead singer and ask how much the CDs are. 10 bucks but she only had five so they gave it to her for that.

The guys were packing up and the venue owner tells them the whole story. That little girl and her family lost their home about a month ago. They're living in the venue and keeping it clean in lieu of rent. The guys in the band finished packing and wrote a note that said, "We're really glad you enjoyed the CD." Then they took all the money they made that night, a couple of hundred dollars, and left it under the note for the family to find.

Normally I wouldn't share, and there isn't a link, but with all the terrible news we see on the news everyday it's nice to hear about things like this.