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Exactly and honestly, it'll come working with guys like Suggs and Kruger because I'd argue that those guys aren't exactly "quick twitch" athletes either.

When I say quick twitch I'm talking about guys like McPhee, Freeney, JJ Watt, Brooks Reed...those guys just have an initial burst and 1st step that is hard to match up against. They're already in motion before the offensive lineman is even out of his stance.
i think Suggs is borderline quick twitch, he has a decent first step, its not elite but i do think hes pretty quick from time to time, otherwise i agree. I actually see a lot of Kruger in Upshaw, some i think took that as a slight against him but i think Krugers a decent player. I think theyre similar players/builds, both are kind of stiffer. Kruger had a little bit more as a pass rusher coming out, but lacked the run stuffing that Upshaw has, so pretty much opposite skill sets. now youre seeing a more complete player and i think thats just as possible with Upshaw. however pass rushing seems to be a harder thing to learn or adapt in the NFL, so it may take him a little longer, but he does have guys here that can teach him that.