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    Re: Looking at the team now, we really know what we have.

    We beat every team on our schedule that had a winning record last year. ALL our losses came to teams with losing records. Thats coaching and players playing down their oppt. We eaisly could have been 14-2 15-1 had we had the mentality of treating every oppt like they are the best team in the league. NE treats everygame like they are playing a top team no matter what. so they blow everyone out where the Ravens play down to their oppt.

    We really only got beat once last year. the other games we beat our selves.

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    Re: Looking at the team now, we really know what we have.

    we just need to light every team up like they are the Steelers or Pats, then we would be an easy 13-3 team but if you look down to any NFL team esp one taht would love to knock off a SB contender in front of their home fans you get stupid losses. I have never Seen NE or even PIT play like this. Every time tehy lost they got beat by the other team not themselves for looking down to an oppt.

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    Re: Looking at the team now, we really know what we have.

    Quote Originally Posted by blah3 View Post
    I'm concerned about the pass rush, and coverage abilities of the LB's.

    I am concerned about the OLine and if it will perform well all year. It seems to be a transition year for them. Birk and McKinnie (if he starts) are in their last years. And KO while looking like a solid tackle in the future is a rookie. Gino also looks to be at least a year away from being ready to start.

    I am worried that this just might be one of those years where things don't go the Ravens way. Last year things went there way, and they should have been in the SB.
    At least the rest of the division is down IMO as well.
    LBs coverage will be better and it was not terrible last year. Ray and Jameel both lost weight to help with that. THe O line will be fine once there is a consistant 5 starting. and the pass rush will come once the season starts same with other offensive plays. The only thing we are showing our hand on now is the suger huddle.

    Everything else is base and as we all remember when Mattison was here what happened when we played a base defense. Sack numbers declined but we still had a top 7 unit. Our pass rush comes from at least 2DL and 2 other LBs from different angles and usually also a 3rd DL or DB. When that 3rd DL is not rushing he is clogging the blockers so the LBs can get in


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