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Don't knock the kid for wanting big money, especially in league where passing is focal point, he will fetch big money somewhere else he deserves it, coming up from nowhere the kid played and practice his ass off to get his shot now its his time, we should not bash him for that, we can't keep every guy, but it goes to show how good our FO is when it comes to finding these type of players, i guaranteed you no other team in league has more players playing for other teams or starting for other teams than the Ravens do, Cary will do whats best for Cary, we will find another.
I don't think anyone is knocking him for wanting to get paid.

Sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other side. Frankly, IMO, I think he's hanging onto a starting gig here by a thread anyway. So, odds are the Ravens wouldn't even be offering that kind of a deal next Feb/March anyway.

Asa Jackson is going to be a good player.