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    Williams turns down contract

    Cary Williams reportedly turns down a 3 year 15 million dollar contract. Wow...if it plays out the way I think it will it will be Webb and Smith as 1 and 2 with Williams as 3. 5 million a year for a CB #3 is pretty signing his tender he is "only" making around 2 million this year...if I were him I would actually give my agent a raise for being able to get me this much $$$. If I were his agent and he didn't accpet this offer I would shake my head, do a palm to the face, laugh a little, and say good luck.

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    Re: Williams turns down contract

    Real ballsy move. If he gets injured or has a down season he may not see anything like that contract again.

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    Re: Williams turns down contract

    If he continues his play as of late into the season, he's going to REALLY regret this move.

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    Re: Williams turns down contract

    I have to wonder if the Ravens don't start taking trade offers for him more seriously.

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    Re: Williams turns down contract

    He had a Foxworth moment and thought he was better than he really was. I always thought if he would be a one year wonder, but it's only preseason and we really don't know shit yet...but the way it looks, he should have taken the contract. There's a reason he was on the practice squad first.
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    Re: Williams turns down contract

    we dont know how much was guaranteed out of the 15 mil so that means he could have signed had an off year and been cut with little cap hit. But had the guranteed money been over $6 I would have taken it.

    Dont get me started with Foxworth he was overhyped and overpaid and would have gotten the same overpaid contract where ever he signed in 2009.

    Cary has not looked that bad, the coverage has been tight he just could not get to the ball. That can all be fixed same with Jimmy they are both having the same issues.

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    Re: Williams turns down contract

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayc00 View Post
    He had a Foxworth moment and thought he was better than he really was.
    I don't get this comment at all. Can you elaborate?

    Foxworth never held out for money. Foxworth never, to my knowledge, showed the least bit of cockiness or thinking that he was better than he was. His only "mistake" was agreeing to take a bloated contract from his hometown team. Sorta hard to fault him for that, isn't it? This was a colossal mistake of salary valuation on the part of the Ravens, not really anything you can pin on Foxworth. The Ravens paid him as if he was a solid #1 starter in the NFL when he hadn't been anything other than a nickleback over his first 3-4 years. Foxworth clearly wasn't a #1 CB, but he showed he could be a decent starter and played well for most of 2009, particularly down the stretch.

    I get that Foxworth was a bust and some fans aren't in love with him because of it. However, we need to look in the mirror when casting blame. Had we given Foxworth the $4-5 million/year that he deserved, instead of $7 million, his performance and his injury history wouldn't have stung as much. What was he supposed to do....not take the crazy money the Ravens gave him? Foxworth was a bust, but worked hard, carried himself well, and played decently when healthy. Don't equate Williams stupidity in turning down a nice contract to what happened with Foxworth. They are in no way related.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Silver View Post
    Lot of money for a no INT, just off surgery player. You guys have him on a bit of a pedestal with a 30 mil contract... this isn't Deion Sanders... not even Colonel Sanders... of course Julio Jones and Matt Ryan did fry his ass like a piece of chicken.
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