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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    Quote Originally Posted by Paintballguy View Post
    Didn't think I'd say this, but I think Painter has a legit shot at being the backup.
    I was just thinking that myself.

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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    there is no way taylor plays if flacco were to get hurt. it will be painter and that will be brutal.

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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    Quote Originally Posted by BleedPurple92 View Post
    I think the contrary... I think he needs as many real game reps as he can, if he is going to be a starter... They obviously feel good about his shoulder if he's out there.
    I get that thinking and I'm sure that is why he is out there, however, I don't think he will contribute much at all as a rookie with only one good arm. I think the ugency to get him some reps is more than making sure he is healthy. It's either sit him till week 1, or play him now and never let it heal. You can still see all the wrapping under his pads.

    It's one thing for Boulware to do it as a vet, but I don't know how much he will help the team with such a limiting injury.

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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    I can't believe I'm saying this - but I can't wait until Painter comes in to play quarterback for the Ravens.

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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    Considine came to my attention and for all the wrong reasons, heading for the cut

    Would like to see Corey Graham next half, give him some snaps

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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    Quote Originally Posted by Raveninwoodlawn View Post
    Our backup safeties stink.

    Add depth at safety as a priority for next season.
    Well, they did just lose two of the previous backup safeties in FA.

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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    We saw so little of the starting team on either side tonight. But based off last week and this, I think:

    1) the first-team offense is coming along. Joe was impressive; like many have said, maybe it's Caldwell. Maybe Caldwell cancels out Cam's suckitude? Hard counts, audibles, slants, Joe throwing darts and looking in control. Pierce, Boldin and LQ looking good. Just hope Pitta and Dickson are back for the opener. O-line handled first-string pressure really well.

    2) the first-team defense needs to improve ball skills. They're in position but not playing the ball. I know we are being vanilla in the preseason and guys are still working on stuff, but that's two weeks now that a high-flying passing attack and a big-name receiver have owned the first stringers. And we play both Mannings, Brady, Romo, Schaub, Rivers and Rapistberger this year.

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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    People need to stop saying that we don't need Preseason games. If the season started now alot of teams would be worried. The best teams so far has been the Browns, Bengals, and Jags. Ugh
    "Flacco will never win a Super Bowl in my lifetime" - Lamarr Woodley, Squealers LB<-- what Flacco stares at before every game

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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    My first half observations:

    - Flaccos numbers would have looked better if Williams didn't drop one or two of those very catchable balls, one could have gone for a TD.

    - First team offensive line looked much better than last week, probably because Matt Birk is back starting at C.

    - KO looked impressive again. I loved that penalty he caused to haha, he destroyed him. Just hope he doesn't do that in regular season. This guy is an animal.

    - Bernard Pierce will be the back up RB, he looked explosive out there. He even made a nice catch in open play, but the play was nullified by a penalty.

    - Bobby Rainy will make the roster over AA. AA once again shown that he was a liability in pass protection.

    - Cary Williams and Jimmy Smith struggled to cover megatron. Our secondary was supposed to be our strength this year, so far it has been suspect.

    - Boldin is looking great in the slot, he is just running guys over.

    - First team offense needed Torrey Smith tonight.

    - JJ made a nice play, but must do a better job of catching the ball, which I don't think he can ever do at this point in his career.

    - Tyrod Taylor cannot play QB in this league.

    - Our depth at safety looks thin. Need to see that Christian Thompson kid get a chance to override Considine on the depth chart.

    - Jameel McClain and Elerbee both looked very good.

    - Paul Kruger looked like a beast out there at times.

    - Courtney Upshaw had some good moments, but you have to think he was limited because of his shoulder.

    - Don't forget that Jimmy Smith is coming back from a back injury, that was his first game of the year.

    - Tucker needs to make this roster, I am officially sold on him now.

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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    i hope that Painter gets the second half, I want the WRs to catch some passes and see who will be #5 & #6. Tyrod does not need to be a backup here. Maybe the #3 gadget player.

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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    Cant wait to see what Thompson can do at safety in the second half. We need something more than what Cook or Considine showed. Maybe Brown will have another good half and we can say good ridance to Cook and Considine.
    Was impressed with Pierce, Kruger, and Kemo. Also the line didnt look bad at all without McKinnie.
    Lets see if the backups win us another one.

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    Re: Game Thread (Preseason: DET vs BAL)

    I think Dennis Pitta is Joe Flacco's best friend.

    You always see them together.

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