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    Hilly turned down VP spot

    It seems OBY did offer Hilly the VP spot a couple of weeks ago before Biden's Chains speech (see chains thread) according to Ed Klein, author of THE AMATEUR.

    And get this: Klein's sources in her camp say she doesn't want to be associated with OBYs socialism :)and if they lose whe will be forever branded a loser.

    She wants to run in 2016.

    Elsewhere, OBY put a leash on Chains Biden and actually, the WH hasn't released his remarks in quite a while now althouth the rest of the media sure has. ILMAO

    He's a detriment to the ticket.

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    Re: Hilly turned down VP spot

    The funny part about her not wanting to be associated with socialism is she's the one who got her Willie to introduce free health care back in the 90s.

    It was shot down by a GOP controlled congress but it paved the way for O BUMMER CARE when they
    re-took control of the congress and
    the WH.

    Hell, their socialism goes back to when Slick Willie was Guv and issued free condoms to all high school kids in the state. Problem was, they were defective and a lot of girls still got pregnant.

    He also increased the size of free lunches and other socialized free
    entitlement programs.

    The Clintons are the biggest socialists in the country next to OBY.

    If it's so great, then why is she hiding
    from it? Hmmmmmmn


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