Biden's "chains" speech is backiring
big time on the DEMs. The country is now seeing the hate and desperation of such a ploy.

There was Romney the killer ad and Romney didn't pay taxes ad with Nasty Reid and now Biden chains speech where he said Romney
will put you all back in chains as he spoke to a black audience. And guess what, they didn't like it. Not all of them.

Jessie Jackson's daughter called him out for hate and dividing the country. The former guv of VA who was their first black guv has
denounced Biden and of course several prominent black GOPs.

This is blowing up in his face big time as he was last seen going into OBYs ovary office along with Hillary - for a bitch slapping?

Sarah Palin said Hilly is the only one who can save the election for OBY. He has about 22 days to drop Chains Biden.

Somewhere, Hilly is smirking.

OBY was last heard saying nobody in this country will accuse me of dividing it.

Uh hum! Dream on.