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    Crowd size worries regime

    It was OBY getting the attention in 08,
    now he's worried about large crowds to
    hear Mitt while OBY speaks to near empty

    Hundreds were turned away in FLA, and 15,000 turned up in NC to see Mitt while only 600 saw Biden in NC.

    NY Times reporter tweeted that there were empty seats all over at an Obama fund raiser in Chicago.

    Paul Ryan moved in his favor from a 28 28 percent favorable-unfavorable view to 46 28 favorable this weekend among seasoned citizens, an ABC poll. If you go to Ryan's district in Wisconsin, it's a district that has voted for every Democrat president. There might be a couple of exceptions, but it's a very Democrat district. He wins it hands down. The support he has from seasoned citizens in his district is over the top. So when the seasoned citizens have had a chance to hear him explain the details of his plan, they love it. They're cool with it. But this ABC poll, Ryan's gone from 28 28, favorable-unfavorable to 46 28? Over the weekend. With senior citizens. Here's Obama two days in a row in Iowa.

    Things are changing.
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