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How can you honestly include Matt Kalil though? He's not taken a snap in the NFL. He could bust out easily.

Tyron Smith? He was a RT last year who is being given a shot at LT. Oher was a damn good RT too his rookie year and when they moved him over to LT...well...we saw how that went.

Becuase I think he will be top 5 by the end of this year. I could be wrong but he looks as close to a guarantee as I have seen since Jake Long/Joe Thomas. He comes from a good program, has the bloodlines, and he pushed tyron Smith to the right, who as I mentioned came into the NFL and played RT at a very high level.

what I learned most about compiling 15 names is tha there aren't close to 15 good LT's in football. That's why players like Duane Brown get listed. Not because they are good, btu because they ar ebetter then the garbage trotted out by most teams.