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    Hundreds turned away from Romney event in Florida

    Security screeners couldn't keep up the
    the crowds there were so many.

    Remember when Galen pimped the large crowds OBY stood before?

    Now it's Romney speaking before them.

    So those of us who are pimping the polls surveying likely voters only and there's
    only one such poll - Rasmussen, we might
    be on to something.

    Also, people are starting to wake up
    and are watching now.
    Elsewhere, OBY held up a copy of the Koran
    to an audience that was owned by Thomas Jefferson.

    Uh huh! I wonder if he held up the 2d Amendment which Jefferson wrote. Doubt he even knows about it much less who wrote it.

    Jefferson would dis-own his party today.

    He was more GOP conservative than Reagan.
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