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Thread: SNF Tailgating

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    SNF Tailgating

    Hi Ravens Fans,

    3 of us are coming in from Toronto, Canada to watch some SNF. We love the Ravens and can't stand pretty-boy Brady so it seemed fitting to make the trip. If anyone has a nice set-up at a tailgate and doesn't mind extending the invite to 3 northern fans...we'd be happy to pitch in with cash/meat/beer and to meet some fellow fans.


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    Re: SNF Tailgating

    You are welcome to visit my group at Lot O. Our space is # 258. Lot O is at Ostend and Ridgely, southwest of the stadium.

    Let me know if you are interested.
    Captain Offense

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    Re: SNF Tailgating

    100% interested. Thanks, Captain O.

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    Re: SNF Tailgating

    Make sure to get to the stadium complex early. Pregame tailgating should be in full swing by 4 to 5 pm. If you can, roam the lots a bit:

    Our group is in Lot J, on the grass under the middle lightpole on the east (waterfront) side.

    Make sure to visit Ravens Walk -- cheap beers, live entertainment, reasonably priced grilled sandwiches:

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