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You know, I am really curious as to what you guys actually like about Paul Ryan's budget proposal. Let me list all the things I DISLIKE about it:

Military spending is completely untouched. This is a huge portion of our spending (pretty disproportionate), and the Ryan budget would leave this completely untouched. Adjusted for inflation, we're spending more than what we were spending when we were dealing with a Soviet Nuclear threat. Great logic there.
And here is where I stopped reading.

The last true budget was in 2010, thanks to all the extensions.

Spending on defense was at $663.7 billion.

Social programs eclipsed that. Money spent on Social Security $695 billion, unemployment and welfare was $571 billion, medicare was $453 billion and medicaid was $290 billion. That's a total of just over $2 Trillion on social programs.

That means military spending is just over a quarter of what's spent on social programs. If you want to cut spending, you start with entitlements and Ryan's plan reforms much of that spending.