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At least he has more positives then negatives, ya know?
Yeah, but you still need to look at the demographics of the state. It's very similar to Maryland in some ways. Much like Baltimore and PG County control MD, two cities control the state. You have Milwaukee; which is Obama 100%. It's a pro-union city and the GOP hardly has a presence there. They hated Scott Walker. Madison is even more blue. It's a college town and the states capital.

Suppose Ryan improves his approval numbers there. I still don't think it's enough to overcome the influence of those two hyper-partisan areas of the state.

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Do you think it's possible... or even likely that Romney/Ryan can inform them of this to a point that the narrative changes?
Possible? Yes.

Likely? Jury is out, IMO. The fastest way to change that message is the media. I don't see the MSM helping anytime soon. I'd like to see Ryan hold some old fashioned town hall style meetings with seniors and take a ton of questions from them. That way you don't need the media. Reagan was the master of this. He bypassed the media frequently.