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He's very popular in his district, but it's a district that does not hold much weight in state wide elections. It encompasses Racine, Kenosha and much of the plains to the west. State-wide, he's not a very popular figure and I do not see him being able to swing the state red, especially when you consider WI has not gone for the GOP since the 80's.

WI is beholden to two cities, Milwaukee and Madison. Neither of which will ever go red.

I think the narrative is written on him in Florida as well, accurate or not, seniors are not going to perceive him as some on the right are hoping. Seniors (LV's ages 65+) vote in lock step with the Dems, especially in Florida. The only exception to this was McCain 4 years ago. Polling since 2008 show overwhelming support for Obama by the seniors and I don't think Ryan changes that equation. In a state that's VERY close, it may very well come down to the senior vote in FL.

I can see him getting some traction in Ohio though. I think his message plays well there.
Link? not doubting just wanna see what you're basing that off of.