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What he ^ said. I pretty much mentioned the same thing in another thread regarding our offensive philosophy. We are not in any way shape, or form, going to let Flacco chuck the ball around like Brady in NE. We will run the Coryell based system, we just now have the players to run it more effectively and set up our shots. Assuming Jones and Torey stay healthy this should finally give this system what it needs. The underneath will open up giving us the short routes and Leach and Rice room to roam. Keep stacking the box and we take our shot deep. The wild card in this is Caldwell. One has to wonder how much say he has in the gameplan and adjusments during the game. Just from reading articles (which is all I can base the following opinion on) it seems Joe has built up a great relationship with Caldwell. This could get "interesting," especially with mid game adjustments as to how much input Caldwell and Flacco will have in regards to the offense. Exciting times...GO RAVENS!
Two things:

First of all, we all know that Cameron doesn't appreciate it when his quarterback develops a good relationship with the quarterback's coach.

Secondly, it doesn't matter what "pieces" we have now, Cam runs a play-not-to-lose offense and that isn't going to change.