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Great post Haloti.

One thing I disagree on and only slightly, is Mitt himself doesn't necessarily have to fight back as much has his campaign team, ads, surrogates VP etc. do, and then he has to in the debates.

Right now, I think he is (or could be) getting under Obama's skin by not getting pissed about it. I actually kind of liked his response when asked about this ad "it doesn't bother me, I've come to expect anything from a campaign that can't run on their record" (paraphrasing). Which IMO, is all this ad is - a distraction from the issues and BHO's record.
Mitt doesn't have to fight back himself, but the problem is that Mitt will be asked (hypocritically, obviously) to disavow any attack ads made by his surrogates (or anyone). He will be asked repeatedly by the in-the-tank-for-Obama MSM. And he has set a precedent in previous campaigns and previously in this campaign of actually doing that (he disavowed some ads linking Obama to Jeremiah Wright, for example) and indicating he would always take the high road. So while I agree he doesn't have to fully engage in the low-down fighting required, he will have to change his stance (get a bit more aggressive) a bit regarding such ads in general.