No fan of Obama but find Mitt an even less desirable choice. Looking at the electoral map though unless Mitt does something and fast he is pretty screwed. Obama has approx 172 all but wrapped up in states such were he leads by 10+ points and that's by Rasmussen polling. I think its a tough road to tow for It even if were a dynamic and appealing candidate but he is not and I think he ends up losing big. I have no horse in this race just find it sad the Republican party I once was proud of has turned into a bunch of crazy radical Christian freaks who say they want smaller govt (but do nothing) while wanting to legislate their version Christian morals on the rest of society. Unbelievable. I am not alone in this opinion, the Republican christian right wing has alienated most moderate republicans at a time were power is there for the taking. I mean seriously the Tea Party idiots want Rubio but would protest Condeleeza Rice who is far far more qualified andelectable cause she is pro choice..... way to marginalize your party

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