It seems a lot of people are getting fed up with these lies or a lot of people know DEMs are making crap up about Romney. See his not paying taxes thread. I said there all he has to do is show the records and it will shut them up.

Have the you seen the latest ad about a guy who was fired from Bain and lost his health insurance. Then his wife got sick and died because they had no insurance.

He blames Romney and said he doesn't even know or
care that he killed her. Typical DEM ploy.

That is a lie because Romney wasn't even at Bain in 07 when she died. He left Bain in 01
so he had nothing to do with the dismissal.

In fact, when the dude was fired the wife
had a job in a thrift shop and had her own
health insurance that kept her going.

So they had insurance.

The same thing happened to my brother when he lost his job. His wife got a job and got their health insurance and she's still working after being a stay at home mom for 21 years.

The lies are taking the focus off the economy and jobs and the people aren't being fooled.

That said, OBY is pulling ahead in Florida and Ohio at last count by +6. If OBY gets them it's over by 8:30 pm on election night.

Rasmussen still has them about even.