i get what your saying, if they reduce one, theyd reduce them all, or just ban for the three instead of four from the get go. So obv some havent been the same drug as others, yet they have all claimed it to be
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It should be noted that a lot of times lately the players agent will "leak" the story that it was "just adderal, a prescription see how unfair it is for my client", when in reality he tested positive for something else.

The NFL due to privacy policies are not allowed to comment on any drug suspensions, so the agent and player are free to say/make up whatever they want to put their client in the best light after a failed test. NFL can't say a damn thing even if they know the player/agent is lying through their teeth.

Pretty much every single suspension the past few years has been blamed on "prescription adderal", but amazingly only two have been reduced.

Kind of convenient IMO.