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    Re: #3 WR and kicker already decided?

    Yeah, lets hope the coaching staff considers actual game and practice kicks, instead of "intangibles."

    I like Cundiff, but at this point, what's the worst that could happen?

    Ask yourself this- Would you be disappointed if Tucker finished 28th in the league in FG percent and missed the game tying kick in the AFC Championship game?

    Cause that's what Cundiff did last year.

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    Re: #3 WR and kicker already decided?

    I believe Cundiff was 5/7 yesterday.
    Tucker was 5/5.

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    Re: #3 WR and kicker already decided?

    No surprise on Jones, and I'm really rooting for him. Torrey looks to have greatly improved, but I would love another 15-17 YPR guy...and I don't really care if its via 25, 35 or 45 catches.

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    Re: #3 WR and kicker already decided?

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    That's not entirely true though. The Ravens carried Hauschka in 08 and then replaced Stover with him in technically Hauschka wasn't really a "rookie". He even went 1 for 2 with 50+ yard field goals that year.

    Now, I can't remember, but was Hauschka eliciting the same kind of results when he was in pre-season camp? I can't recall, but I don't think Hauschka performed nearly as well as Tucker has thus far.
    OK, first time starter at PK. I'm not really sure there's that great of a difference, especially when kicking FGs, but Hauschka did have more experience in the NFL.

    As far as results, all I'm saying is that kicking FGs is TC and kicking them in PS games is a totally different animal. There have been plenty of guys who've lit it up in OTAs and TC, but never could put it together in the PS.

    If Tucker proves his worth in PS games and out kicks Cundiff, then it should be his job. But, at this point, they still both have a lot to prove, and I don't think any decision should - or will - be made until a they've had a chance to compete in PS games. That's all I'm saying.
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    Re: #3 WR and kicker already decided?

    If I remember well, Hauschka didn't have a great TC. and the preseason games were his downfall.

    PS. If you're keeping track at home:

    Hauscka was 83 percent (16th) this year and Cundiff was 75% (28th)

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    Hope they can get him into pressure situations in preseason and see how he responds
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    Re: #3 WR and kicker already decided?

    In another high-profile training camp competition, the wide consensus is that the kicker role is incumbent Billy Cundiff’s to lose.

    That seems to be the 2010 Pro Bowler’s impression too.
    I'm sorry, is Billy not losing the competition so far?

    If this kid continues to out kick Billy and still doesn't get the job i'm going to be pretty pissed.
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    Re: #3 WR and kicker already decided?

    Jones has clearly grabbed the #3 spot IMHO and deserves that job.

    I doubt...very seriously however that Cundiff already has the job. I think when they told him that, they obviously didn't anticipate Tucker having the camp he's had so far. Also, in reality though, Cundiff has not had a bad camp. He's kicking at about an 85% clip. Not great, but not bad. In a normal competition they were expecting, that percentage, while not great, would be good enough to at least feel comfortable with.

    Tucker however is showing himself so far to vastly exceeding expectations. He's kicking at an unbelievable 95% rate that has included a lot of 50+ yard kicks.

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    Re: #3 WR and kicker already decided?

    ive been for keeping cundiff all offseason...but even i think Tucker wins the job. The fact hes kicking at such a high rate while also kicking such long FGs. Just like what Harbs supposedly told Cundiff, i can tell you if Tucker keeps doing what hes doing, itll be cundiff that loses out.

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    Re: #3 WR and kicker already decided?

    Cundiff lost most of his value with the changes to the kickoff rules last year. I hope tucker makes the most of the PS games and wins the job.

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    Re: #3 WR and kicker already decided?

    Team Tucker

    He displays a ridiculous amount of confidence in his interviews too

    This job is pretty all mental so they say

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    Re: #3 WR and kicker already decided?

    I can see JJ getting the #3 already due to his intangibles, but in no way can they say Cundiff has that job.

    Tucker from what we are hearing has done nothing to show that he cannot handle the job and I'm sorry, being young has it's benefits when it comes to pressure.

    They don't think about things such as someone who has been there. It's the same deal with a older worker and a young boss.

    Youth brings ambition as it's new territory and Cundiff may be just trying to hold on enough not to get fired.

    All of the past failed kickers throughout NFL history comes to mind and they never recover from infamous misses (Vandejagt, Del Greco, Norwood).

    I say TUCKER until he proves otherwise.

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