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I dont get where you think Seniors are scared of Obamacare. They are far more worried about Ryan and his ilk or similar plans. Obamacare, amongst its numerous faults, continues to fund Medicare as-is, an issue sacred to seniors. They were split in 2008 because McCain, well, is a senior. This time around, they are going to go Obama. Seniors account for about 17% of the population. Hispanics are now at 22%.

The registration purge in Florida is only thing going for Mitt in Florida right now. Rubio secures Florida, plain and simple. With Florida secure, Mitt can then "Fight and attack" in other states.

I got that from surveys
, and I agree about them being afraid of Ryan (Which is why he's a bad choice), but they shouldn't be, his changes aren't for anyone with 10 years of it, but I digress.

I have no idea where you get seniors went for McCain because he's a senior and will go Obama. Mitt's a senior too... Plus, let's not forget how much seniors are for traditional marriage and where our current President stands there.

I don't disagree Rubio secures Florida. IMO, I think Mitt is better off taken a chance in a state McCain lost bye 2.5% than he is in a state like Ohio a state he lost bye 4% or Virginia a state he lost by 5.7%.

Like I said earlier if polling (internal polling, fuck the biased media) Rubio increases any of the other swing states as well as Florida, than of course you take him.