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For people who don't come from means, or feel like this is part of parcel of being an athlete, it's the script - you've gotta shine. After a while, you make a rep for yourself and have to keep it up, or else the public is looking at you like "WTF happened to you??" Seems like Bryant let his excesses and maybe side ventures get the better of him. Hope he makes it out.
Exactly. And this extends into music and other forms of entertainment and other folks who get some money but are part of all that. There's alot of pressure to show that you came up and you're not like you used to be when you didn't have anything.

Hope he makes it out too.

Hopefully the newer generation will try to follow the lead of folks like Jay-Z, 50 Cent, LeBron James, Puffy, etc. Jay and Bron have met with Warren Buffett and are financial disciples. Puffy and 50 are well known investors. They're not just out there flossing then going broke from loan sharks. They're being smart with theirs.