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    NFL better settle this referee lock out!

    The NFL is once again playing games with our beloved football! The referee agreement should have been decided upon long before this! If this lock out goes into the regular season - every game that is officiated by a "replacement" referee will be scrutinized by fans of both the winning and losing teams. NFL needs settle this lock and do it quickly!


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    Re: NFL better settle this referee lock out!

    Even more so now. The Green Bay game is going to be picked apart piece by piece looking for what was wrong only because a woman will officiate for the 1st time in NFL history. I hope that she is on top of her game because she is not going to be a fan favorite.

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    Re: NFL better settle this referee lock out!

    Well now that that is settled we can go back to booing the real lousy refs!

    Lets work on getting rid of Thursday Night Football! Its too hard on the players and fans cant really enjoy these late games during the work week! Sunday and Monday nights are hard enough!

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