Obviously, this isn't final or anything, but it's worth review.


WR - Doss/Jones is 2nd team, LaQuan is 3rd team with David Reed (lol, he's not going to be active for ANY of camp), Streeter 5th team, Thompson 6th team. Btw, we are 6 deep at each WR spot. Just showing you how those expanded rosters are letting guys hang around longer...

OL - Despite all the hoopla about Oher moving to LT, he's listed as starting RT and McKinnie is starting LT. Jah Reid is no longer even listed at OT, he's the backup LG. KO is backup RT.

RB - AA is your 2nd team RB, for now. I'm really hearing, if Pierce is healthy, the pecking order would be Berry, then Pierce, then Rainey, THEN AA. But maybe this is his chance to redeem his poor TC so far.

DL - Art Jones listed as starter, McPhee backup. Not suprising since McPhee was only recently cleared to practice. Maake is backup NT, McBean is backup to Ngata.

CB - Can you see us carrying 7 CBs? Because our pecking order right now is Webb, C.Williams, J.Smith, Graham, Gorrer, C.Brown, Asa Jackson. Only guy I could see getting cut from that group is Brown.

ST - Jones is primary KR/PR, AA, Berry, and Deonte Thompson back him up at PR...Webb, Asa Jackson, and Rainey backup at KR.

Cundiff is listed as the starter at K, so obviously they don't always list the guy having the best camp first.