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    Re: OT: My people need to stop defending Dog Fighting

    Quote Originally Posted by Mista T View Post and Those aren't sites with some kind of political agenda are they? The last line on the Mercy for animals site is "The single most powerful action you can take to end such abuse is to adopt a vegetarian diet."

    I'm sure abuse of chickens and turkeys does go on, but I do not think it's as widespread as claimed and not the so-called "norm".

    Chicken eaters will turn their heads aside and say that, somehow, cruelty to chickens is different than cruelty to dogs.
    It is. Dogs have been domesticated. Man's best friend. Dogs have been elevated to a level above other animals by human culture. We keep them in our homes, live with them, let them sleep in our beds, talk to them like they are human, etc. Not saying cruelty to chickens is right or justifiable, but it's not on the same level as cruelty to a dog.

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    Re: OT: My people need to stop defending Dog Fighting

    I didn't see any chickens looking for survivors in the rubble of the WTC ...

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    Re: OT: My people need to stop defending Dog Fighting

    It is such a shame that there are people who perpetuate racial unity to serve there own needs, and it leads to situations like this causing people to give up their objectivity and become sheep.

    Isn't that how Hitler got the Nazi party into power? What happened to the German people in the end?

    People are people, all deserving of the same opportunities and respect. Jerks are jerks no matter what color there skin is.


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