Has anyone else looked at the ESPN front page coverage of the Michael Vick saga?

I'm really starting to get sick of the coverage, but not as much as I'm getting sick of my people, i.e. black people trying to defend dogfighting.

Listening to Michael Smith of ESPN.com, or Emmitt Smith, or the 2 "brothers" in Atlanta who have their radio show, you would almost think that dogfighting is a quite normal social activity, as is brutally killing the losing animal using electrocution, drowning, beating to death, etc

Its starting to bother me, particularly because I'm black and it seems there are way too many black athletes, reporters, and celebrities out there, let alone regular people, ready to defend dogfighting.

Is anyone else bothered by this?

Its like I can't seem to find an intelligent opinion voiced on this anywhere within the NFL, except maybe by outside the lines.