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    Cool article on Kindle

    ... from the team's website. Talks about his condition shortly after the fall, his road to recovery, and the hearing issue he's having to deal with. Check it out ...


    I think a season similar to what Kruger did last year would be a good step, but I'm still cautiously optimistic.

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    Re: Cool article on Kindle

    “He’s relentless in his pursuit of knowledge,” Monachino said. “Let me say that again, he’s [freaking] relentless. He asks a lot of questions, comes to the office, wants paper work, wants diagrams. He wants everything he can get his hands on."
    Thats great to hear

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    Re: Cool article on Kindle

    If Kindle can be a factor in passing situations, he could be a huge unexpected plus for the Ravens this year.

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    Re: Cool article on Kindle

    Good stuff, it's nice to hear the coaches feedback on his progression. I too have cautious optimism about him as a player, seems like the nickel rusher role Kruger had last yr.

    Coming out of college i thought Kindle's best asset was that he was more versatile then given credit for, i thought he could play in multiple schemes, i also thought he was underrated in space and probably overrated as a pure pass rusher. Hopefully some of that carried over and he can meet some of that potential down the line but for right now i guess you cant ask too much lol. Idk if he can be counted on persay but if he's a nickel rusher this year that's a huge win and it looks like he's on his way to doing that.

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    Re: Cool article on Kindle

    Ted said that right now, he's about where they expected him to be as a rookie, so basically this put him back two years. Having said that, Kindle as a rookie was IMO going to be a complete animal anyway, seriously there is just no way this guy cannot contribute in the NFL if he focuses and carries on doing what he's reportedly been doing. Sergio was a top 10 talent coming out of that draft.

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    Re: Cool article on Kindle

    great story hope it has an awesome ending for king serge


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