From the AP article that festivus posted:

"Phelps still has the 200-meter indivual medley today and Thursday, when he can even the score with Lochte, who beat him in the 400-meter IM on the first night of the meet; the 100-meter butterfly, his favorite stroke once more, on Thursday and Friday; and Saturday's 4x100 medley relay, the valedictory moment of an Olympic career like no other".

After getting beaten by .05 of a sec in the 200m butterfly (his signature race) it would not surprise me one bit if he wins gold in the upcoming 100m fly. If he pulls it off, I believe that will give him a Gold medal in the same event in three consecutive Olympiads, a feat that has never before been achieved by any athlete in any sport.

Forget the trivialism of swimming and sinking boats, the genetics of Jared Gaither, the ocassional prick like demeanor, the liasson with MJ, or any other silly assed complaint about the guy.

The dude is American and he's making history.
His name is Phelps and he's accepted the mission. Root for him lol!