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    Cool Annual Ravens Training Camp (sans camp) Party at the Windbag Estates - Saturday August 11

    Sorry for the late notice. I apparently do have a life.

    Saturday, August 11. We will be open for business at 1:00 pm and go until you leave.

    Amy and I are once again hosting our annual Ravens Training Camp Party that does not have the same je ne c'est quoi since the Ravens decided only snobs and elites will be invited to watch camp (this means you, you-know-who).

    We will have burgers, dogs, other meat, and what-not. We invite you to bring whatever you enjoy eating and we do a BYOB in regard to alcohol. We have in the past gotten 1/4 kegs only to have people bring their own and leave me to drink a 1/4 keg on my own. You can bring your own meat for the grill as well.

    We also have a swimming hole so bring your suits and hop on in!

    You all are invited, if you do not have the address and phone numbers PM me and I will get them to you.
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