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    Re: Gotta love Chuck Pagano and Zibby, even in Indy

    Quote Originally Posted by B-more Ravor View Post

    I'm in FLA this week. Yesterday, at SeaWorld there were a few hats and jerseys.

    Nothing big.

    Except .........for one Steeler fan - hat, black jersey (in 95 degree heat), towel AND car flag attached to baby stroller. I kind you not!
    Doesn't surprise me. Poor baby has to get pushed around in that.
    Putting the Fanatic back in Fan

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    Re: Gotta love Chuck Pagano and Zibby, even in Indy

    So this dumbass decides to get Arians attention by wearing a jersey from the team that shoved him out but wouldn't even admit they were shit canning him? Glad to see Shitsburgh fans are staying classy.

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    Re: Gotta love Chuck Pagano and Zibby, even in Indy

    Originally Posted by GOTA
    If the guy had shown up with a Ray Lewis jersey would Chuck have done the same thing?

    I don't think so. I believe they might have had a smile on their faces... Bc

    Quote Originally Posted by Justlovemybirds View Post
    Maybe, but I still believe that some of the motivation had to do with Zibby and Chuck being Ravens themselves not even a year ago.
    I agree. Two ex-Ravens, who haven't even been in one game as Colts, and a Steeler fan shows up. Shakespeare (MacBeth ?), "Out, out, damn spot" ... Bc


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