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    Re: Kyle Boller Has Retired

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    Re: Kyle Boller Has Retired

    I was part of the "give him time" chorus in 2003 and 2004. I was hopeful that he would mature into a decent starting QB. In hindsight, those that wanted to move on from him after year 1 were right. You just cannot teach accuracy. And I don't recall a QB that fumbled the ball without anyone touching him more often. It was one of those fumbles, against Denver, in 2005, that did it for me.

    Boller seemed like a nice enough guy, he never complained, and he took a ton of abuse, nationally and locally. Much of it was earned, though.

    In the end, Newsome and Billick rolled the dice with Boller and lost. Billick once commented that if you screw-up the first round QB pick, you set back your organization five years. He was right (unfortunately).


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